Edgar M. Bronfman String Quartet

String Quartet

The Edgar M. Bronfman String Quartet is the resident string quartet of the Sun Valley Music Festival, comprised of the principals from the string sections of the Festival Orchestra. The group grew out of an effort in the early 1990s to incorporate chamber music into the season, allowing world-class musicians from across North America to collaborate together during their stay in Sun Valley.

By 2007, the quartet had established a following in the Valley and became known as the Sun Valley String Quartet. Cellist Amos Yang joined in 2010 and violinist Polina Sedukh began with the group in 2016. The quartet officially changed its name in 2015, in honor of longtime patron Edgar Bronfman, to the Edgar M. Bronfman String Quartet, and embarked on a multiyear exploration of the great string quartets of Beethoven.